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Za'ki's Zemonade 


On Sale Now

We are happy to announce that you can now purchase Za’ki’s Zemonade at The Basics Mini Market located at 391 13th Ave in Newark, NJ 07103!
Let’s keep making HISTORY together
Thank you all for your business and support! We look forward to doing great business with YOU in the Near Future

New Jersey

Location 1:
.Cash Money Mini Market
110 Littleton Ave
Newark, NJ 07103


Location 2:
Pull Up 2 Smoke Shop
434 10th Ave
Paterson, NJ 07501

Location 3:
The BASICS Mini Market
391 13th Ave
Newark, NJ 07103
North Carolina Locations:

Location 1:
Silver Express Gas Station
5115 North Tryon Street
Charlotte, NC 28213

Location 2:
Sugar Creek Smoke Shop
6316 Old Sugar Creek Rd
Charlotte, NC 28269

Thank you in advance for your business!!!! We are truly humbled by forming great relationships with our clients and future business endeavors! Thank you for vibing with us. All proceeds from Za’ki’s Zemonade Lemonade will be donated to @l.o.l.o.p Spread the word!!! For bulk purchase, email or email 


Spring Survival Kits

This is tough time for many of our underrepresented youth, young adults, and elders throughout the colder season, support is needed ALL year long. We are now collecting water, protection items and healthy snacks to give out during this unforeseen time ahead of us.

Our goal is to collect 1000 needed items by April 20, 2024. Donations are being collected in Newark, NJ, Baltimore, MD, Charlotte, NC. and Myrtle Beach, SC. 

For donations inquiries, contact



Coming Soon

 A Youth Mentoring Program Structured around a 4Pillar foundation (Education, Entertainment, Entrepreneurship, Empowerment)       as well as an Algorithm designed to teach Positive Peer Culture, Decision Making, Social Economics and Life Skills.

We are asking for any sponsorship or Donations you can Extend.

Funding will go towards assisting with facility securement as well as tutorial supplies and printouts of course curriculum.

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