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Pay it Forward

Leaders of Legends Outreach Partnership was founded in 2014.The founders are Que Atiya "Bronzie" and Wanae. With the encouragement of their mother, the sisters decided that it was time to make a difference on a bigger scale.

The Leaders of Legends Outreach Partnership is committed to the use our collective insight to create an inclusive atmosphere where our youth and young adults are encouraged, creation is prioritized and identity is respected. We are dedicated to the quality of participant’s experience by developing strategies aimed at increasing positive actions through creation, development and preparation of what to expect in adulthood. We will also identify, and foster external relationships to support training opportunities for our underrepresented youth and young adult participants.

Leaders of Legends Outreach Partnership aims to be a coalition and in support of alike minds that also values inclusion. If our objectives correlate, let our commonalities take priority over our differences. We will strive to meet the needs of our community members in need of essential necessities, motivational support, and resource recommendations. You do a little, we do a little.

Everyone matters and have purpose. We may not all have what we desire. Passion is what will push leaders to do what needs to be done for a greater tomorrow. We want to be apart of the solution. We will encourage, motivate, and educate our community. Help someone in need. Leave them with Positivity! Help push them through their circumstances.

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