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Ready, Set, QUEEN
Support Local Businesses
MBKN Conference with OYN Newark
Suicide Awareness
Good Cause Lemonade
Clean Start 2023
Community Impact Annual Report
Good Cause Lemonade
Partners and Sponsors
#LOLOPCLEANSTART2022 Begins 4/20/2022
Solution Seeking for my Son
L.O.L.O.P Volunteer
Davinci's Pizza Donates Pizza to LOLOP
Future Legend in Focus
Za'ki's Zemonade Lemonade
Out and Up Athletes with Mr. Rogers
4th annual Winter Survival Kits Drive
First Annual Ovarian Cancer Walk
Good Cause Beverage
Grammy-winning singer Anthony Hamilton
Legends in Focus
Homeschooling Techniques
Diversity and Inclusion Initiative
CMPD Back to School Drive
CMPD Back to School Drive
Good Cause Beverage
Respect to Elders
Good Cause Beverage
Covid_19 Survival Kits
3rd Annual Winter Survival Kit Giveaway.
“What defines you_!” Hip Hop can teach u
The Legend Continues!!!!
Good Cause Lemonade
Clean Start 2019
Clean Start 2019
Future Leader in Focus
Good Cause Lemonade
Leaders in Focus
Good Cause Beverage
#lolopcleanstart19 begins 420!!!!!!! Eve
Water Drive 2019
Peace King’s and Queens!!!! Ready to pla
Sponsors of Pancake Breakfast
Members of L.O.L.O.P
Pancake Breakfast 2/16/19
Pancake Breakfast 2/16/19
Pancake Breakfast 2/16/19
Pancake Breakfast 2/16/19
Good Cause Lemonade
Clean Start 2019
Pay it Forward
LOLOP at Paul's place
Meet our Board of Directors
Paul's Place Huff & Puff
Author in Focus
Future Leader in Film
Future Leader in Focus
Pay It Forward- Dallas. TX
Raising Kings
Preakness Nursing Home, Wayne, NJBri
Future Leaders Participants
Plant a See Workshop
Summer Arts & Crafts
Paul's Place Partnership
Leaders of Legends
Clean Start 18
Clean Start Cummunity Service
Leaders of Legends Youth
Snack for the Summer Food Drive
"Clean Start" 18
"Clean Start" 18
Pay It Foward- Atlantic City, NJ
Networking with Tanice Chavers
Mentorship Program

Leader of Legends Outreach Partnership continues to strive to educate our youth and young adults on community involvement. Our "Clean Start 2023" movement had over 100 participants so far.

The Leaders of Legends partnership is committed to use our collective insight to create an inclusive atmosphere where our youth and young adults are encouraged, creation is prioritized and identity is respected. We are dedicated to the quality of participant’s experience by developing strategies aimed at increasing positive actions through creation, development and preparation of what to expect in adulthood. We will also identify and foster external relationships to support training opportunities for our underrepresented youth and young adult participants.

Mission Statement

"Plant a Seed" Workshop is designed for the growth and development of our young adults. It is through mentorship that our youth and young adults will soar. To donate email

To Foster creation, critical thinking, and motivation within one’s self and others………
To assure that culture, courage, creation, and common life skills are not myth but realistically achievable. 

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